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Submission Guidelines

Launched in July 2009, Amarillo Magazine has a circulation that reaches 10,000 through in-home and free distribution in the Texas Panhandle. The AM audience is diverse, married and single, professional and cultured, and interested in the ongoing events around town. They want information on how to improve their quality of life, advice on topics ranging from home design and money management to family matters, the best food in the area and fashion sense. This means that articles must be targeted specifically to the needs and interests of our audience.

What We’re Looking For

We want writers who understand the difference between newspaper and magazine writing. Amarillo Magazine tells stories in a conversational, informative tone to answer the questions “Why?” and “How?” Because our readers are well-informed, they may already be aware of the topic you’re covering. This means that your article must offer insight that goes beyond a simple recitation of facts. We want to reach the people of Amarillo with a positive, compelling voice. In addition, a story needs to be told with style so that is as entertaining to read as it is informative.

What We Expect

We prepare for each issue of AM far in advance, so we expect a high standard of accuracy and professionalism. All articles should be strongly organized, clearly presented and have a beginning, middle and end. Your writing should have personality, be descriptive and offer a clear point of view. Avoid using first person perspective unless it truly advances the story. And of course, all submissions must have a strong local feel. Remember that Amarillo Magazine is our readers’ resource for experiencing all that is authentically Amarillo. If your story could run in any other city magazine with only minor changes, it’s not a fit.

How to Connect

Your first step should be to read the magazine. Become familiar with our style and understand the kinds of articles we publish. Then submit a written query that succinctly summarizes your idea and explains why you’re the writer to bring the story to our readers. A query should propose a story with a specific angle, not just a broad topic. The best fit for contributor articles our Inspire (500-850 words), Special Feature stories (500 to 1200 words), or Home sections. We do not publish fiction stories at this time. We prefer queries to come via brief e-mail. When proposing a piece, keep in mind that we generally assign stories at least 12 weeks prior to an issue’s cover date. Copy should be prepared according to the conventions of the Associated Press Style Book. Submit articles in electronic format. Microsoft Word is our preferred file format. If your word processor doesn’t support this format, please contact us to arrange an alternate format. Send queries to or mail them to:
Michele McAffrey
Amarillo Magazine
900 S. Harrison Amarillo, TX 79101

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