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Dress Code

Puttin' on the Glitz

August 27, 2010 noon

Get glammed up this month with an ode to the arts: cleverly mixed textures, large doses of added dimension, vibrant hues, statement jewelry, undeniably chic frocks and extravagant furs. We’ll have you ready for your grand entrance in no time.

What's in Bloom

July 23, 2010 9:53 a.m.

Allow your looks to blossom with chic clothing inspired by florals. From sherbet hues to rosette embroidered garments, this month is all about petal power, and we mean clothing that is artfully rendered with the freshest prints straight from the garden.

School's Out for Summer

June 25, 2010 6 a.m.

There’s no dress code this summer, only carefree, effortless garments you can throw on for a night out with your best buds or your first date. Colorful and radiant, be bold this summer with prints, neon and metallic. Be the one who stands out, and above all, enjoy the ride.

Above Par

May 28, 2010 6 a.m.

And we’re not talking about your game. Sure, you want to leave the green with a better score than your golf buddies, but you need to look good doing it.

Get a new look for summer!

April 23, 2010 8:12 a.m.

It's time for a fresh, new look for the warm summer months.

You're Going Places!

March 25, 2010 4:03 p.m.

Weather resistant, waterproof, and wicking - it all matters. Makes of quality outdoor gear know just what you want, and this spring, they deliver.

Yes, You Can Wear That!

February 27, 2010 5:59 p.m.

Sequins, stripes, prints – it’s all good. Break free from your solid-color sweater sets and experience fashion in a bold, new way. We show you how to bring your wardrobe up-to-date with confidence.

Your Dress

January 30, 2010 11:51 a.m.

If your wedding bells are ringing this year, relax and know that there is a dress that fits not only your personal style but also your budget.

Build a Professional Wardrobe that Works

December 26, 2009 8:33 p.m.

StyleWise consultant Julie Sims shows how you can build a professional wardrobe starting with the basics.

A Holiday Gift Guide

November 28, 2009 11 p.m.

We went ahead and made your holiday shopping list for you (You’re welcome!) and didn’t leave anyone out. Our staff scoured every square inch of retail space in town to bring you our best suggestions during this season of giving.
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