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Dress Code - Posted January 24, 2014 10:03 a.m.
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Something Blue

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According to global color authority Pantone Inc., one of this spring’s hot colors for bridal fashion is the decidedly cool Dazzling Blue. Vivid, stylish, and perfectly positioned to fit right into the “Something Borrowed…” motif. Pantone says it suggests royalty and “strong, confident women” while pairing well with pastels and even other bright colors. Whether dressing up for a shower or accessorizing your bridal party for the main event, pay heed to this prominent hue.

photos by Shannon Richardson

Clockwise from left:
Bon Bon by Micah Yance necklace $96, Semblance Boutique

Bracelet $20; hoop earrings $59.99, Goodin's Jewelry

Margaret Elizabeth bangle $98, Semblance Boutique

Clockwise from top left:
Andrea Candela pendant $900, Goodin's Jewelry

Margaret Elizabeth cocktail ring $88, Semblance Boutique

Butter London “Bluey” nail lacquer $15, Raffkind’s Clothiers

Gianni Bini flats $69.99,Dillard’s

Toy Watch $225, Goodin's Jewelry

Estee Lauderr Pure Color stay-on shadow paint $24, Dillard’s

by Jason Boyett

Jason has written more than a dozen books and is the host and creator of “Hey Amarillo”, a local interview podcast. Visit and
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