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Online Exclusive - Posted December 11, 2012 10:54 a.m.
Holiday makeup can be a challenge, especially with busy holiday schedules. The main idea is to “lighten the light and darken the dark," says makeup artist Patti Stapp.

Holiday Sparkle

Usher in the holiday season with makeup tips from Patti Stapp of First Impression

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Holiday makeup can be a challenge, especially with busy holiday schedules. Advice that is easy but makes a difference can make our lives so much easier. If you are at work and don’t have time to go home and touch up before a party, here are some tips to put in your back pocket. The main idea is to “lighten the light and darken the dark," says makeup artist Patti Stapp of First Impression. Remember: Indoor lighting can fade pinks and reds.

On your existing light eyeshadow, reapply a fresh coat, usually under the brow and sometimes on the lower part of the lid. Secondly, on your existing dark shadow reapply a fresh coat, usually in the center of the lid or all over the bottom of the lid.

For holiday parties, it can be fun to add some sparkle to the light areas. If your darker color is a brown or a plum, make sure it doesn’t have a red tint to it. Again, indoor lighting can make red fade. Always remember to blend, blend, blend.

Reapply more contour (I recommend a pink-brown tone) under the cheekbones and a pop of color on the cheekbones. Be careful of bronzers as they can look muddy. Add a little sparkle to the top of the cheekbone for a festive, holiday look.

If you wear a soft color or a nude look, remember you can use a brighter gloss or one with a gold sheen to brighten the look for evening. If you wear a darker color, a fresh coat of clear gloss or a clear lip plumper is all you need for a party look.

My personal favorite for evening is a gold gloss. It can be worn over any color. Give lips more fullness by finishing with a lip plumper.

Using a large powder brush, lightly dust a translucent powder or powder foundation all over your face after you apply blush and it will set your makeup for the evening.

If you are using your foundation under your eyes and then applying a concealer on top, it can be too much product for the delicate eye area. It will inevitably settle in fine lines and wrinkles, and you will appear tired.

Just before you leave for the evening, reapply a small amount of fresh concealer. Find one that is light in texture yet still gives great coverage. Also, apply a small amount between your eyebrows and at the top of the nose and blend well. This technique brightens the face so you appear fresh and well rested.

Patti's Favorite Tip
When you are done with your makeup, stand in front of the mirror, close your eyes and when you open them, look to see if one thing jumps out first! Usually, you know to blend whether it’s over-done eye shadow or a little too much cheek color. Then you should be ready to go and have fun knowing you look great and refreshed.

by Patti Stapp

Patti and her husband, Jimmy, own First Impression, which offers makeovers, jewelry and cosmetics, including her signature makeup line, PS Collection. Patti has worked with celebrities such as Celine Dion, Halle Berry and Patrick Swayze on “The Oprah Show.” For the past 15 years, she has been involved with the Miss Texas Organization. Visit her website,
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