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Online Exclusive - Posted June 21, 2012 11:07 a.m.
photos by Sarah Clark
Members of one of the 10 teams at the Obstacles for Opportunity work together.

Clearing the Obstacles

First annual Obstacles for Opportunity a success

This past Saturday saw the debut of Opportunity School’s first Obstacles for Opportunity event. Tucked inside Thompson Park at picnic area 17, 10 teams vied to win in a race against time.

Laid out in the style of an obstacle course, each team had to complete various tasks such as water relay, scaling a tree with the help of other teammates and traveling a fixed distance on two planks of wood.

The teams were comprised of employees of area businesses such as Bluehaven Homes, Happy State Bank, Brown & Fortunado law firm, United Supermarkets, Zachry Holdings, Inc., Merrick Pet Care, Inc., Tascosa Office Machines, Ewing Irrigation and Upshaw Insurance.

Opportunity School, a non-profit educational program geared toward offering high-quality education for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years from low-income families, has also hosted the popular annual benefit, “LIPS!” for 19 years.

According to Jill Goodrich, executive director of Opportunity School, the purpose of the obstacle event was to maintain the public presence of the school.

“So many people haven’t heard of us,” she explains. “And many of the people who do know about us think we’re just another non-profit program and we’re not. We’re really committed to these children and their families.”

All the proceeds from the event will be used to cover operational costs incurred by the school. Based on the turnout and public response, the benefit will take place again on an annual basis.

“It really seems to be a hit,” Jill says with a smile as she surveys the energetic chaos of competing teams. “Everyone’s had a lot of fun and it’s for such a good cause.”

More information about Opportunity School can be found at

by Sarah Clark

Sarah is a senior at the University of Texas and plans on attending law school once she receives her B.A. in political communications. She is a former editor of the AC Current and is addicted to the rush of publications. She is currently held captive by her two dogs, iPhone and never-ending to-do list.
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