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Online Exclusive - Posted February 20, 2012 1:19 p.m.
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An episode of Betty White's new show "Off Their Rockers" will feature a local student.

Senior Shenanigans

Local high school student part of Betty White's new prank TV show

Pulling pranks on others has always drawn laughs from an audience, especially when younger generations play practical jokes on the seemingly helpless elderly. But now, the joke is on young whippersnappers as a group of prime timers from NBC begin retaliating.

“It’s called ‘Off Their Rockers’,” Carson Crites, a local Amarillo High School junior, says. “It’s Betty White’s prank show; older people pranking younger people.”

The show premiered Jan. 16 on NBC and spins the senior-citizen stereotype completely on its head. Carson and his family were caught on tape when the show began filming last summer.

“Me, my cousin, sister, aunt and cousin’s girlfriend were on vacation in California during the beginning of August,” Carson says. “We were walking down the pier and there were these old ladies dressed up as nuns. They pointed at us and said, ‘Hey your fly’s undone, douchebag.’ Then they started hackling and cracking up laughing.”

Originally, Carson says he was shocked at the way the elderly women were behaving and had no idea that it was a set-up.

“The people that worked there came and surrounded us,” he says. “Then I noticed the camera when they took us down to the pier to sign some papers.”

According to Carson’s mother, Kelli Crites, Carson and his cousin, Clarke, thought it was even more hilarious after they found out the entire scene had been a prank.

“Carson called me from California and told me what had happened,” Kelli Crites says. “I was laughing so hard at what the nuns said to them. I could only imagine their reaction.”

In September, producers from the show called to tell Carson and his family that they had watched the clip and thought the reaction was hysterical.

“I honestly didn’t think much about it again until January when the producers called me again,” Kelli says. “They wanted me to sign a release since Carson was a minor, and said I needed to sign and get back ASAP.”

After all the necessary paperwork had been exchanged, the network announced that the clip would be shown nation-wide in season 1 of “Off Their Rockers.”

“When the producers said that it will air this summer, he was as shocked as I was,” Kelli says. “We really couldn’t believe he would be on a TV show with Betty White.”

by Maddy Cunningham

Maddy is a senior at Randall High School where she is the co-editor of The Silver Streak, president of the National Honor Society and an actress in the varsity Productions Theatre. She is passionate about writing and loves striking conversations with others.
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