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Home - Posted October 27, 2017 10:30 a.m.
Photos by Shannon Richardson

Beyond Boughs of Holly

No season is more dependent on beloved traditions than Christmas. Passed down from one generation to the next, they keep the holiday season filled with comfort and familiarity. That’s what makes traditions so wonderful: They never change.

But in some instances – especially with Christmas decorations – a lack of change from year to year can become a little bit boring. Christmas should never be boring.

Lately, Amarillo families have begun turning to local boutiques and designers to update their traditional Christmas decorations. Silver and gold replace red and green. Luxurious ribbons replace childhood ornaments. Handmade crafts give way to Hollywood styling. These are Christmas decorations for grown-ups.

At Panache, manager Kendra Clark and interior designer Nikki Frazier graciously invited us into a local home they styled for Christmas, walking us through its distinctive look.

This gorgeous garland helps transition between decor in the upstairs bedrooms and the downstairs dining and living areas. “Not everything has to match, but it’s good to have one common theme,” says Frazier. The flocked greenery and glamorous gold highlights extend throughout the house. “They entertain a lot,” Clark says of the client. “They wanted over-the-top, designer Christmas decorations.”

“We have seen a big shift in the flocked tree replacing a traditional green tree,” says Frazier of this tree near the back porch. It’s one of several located throughout the family’s home. “We try to customize to each room. We do a lot of dens and bar areas, media rooms, kids’ rooms. You can go with different themes but we like to have something to tie them all together.”

This eye-catching table display features the homeowner’s own nativity set. “In a lot of the homes we work in, we use decor they already have collected, like a meaningful nativity,” Clark says. The fall family photo matches the rest of the decor on purpose. She says clients can make their homes more festive by temporarily changing out traditional family photos with more seasonal ones.

Dazzling simplicity reigns on this mantle and console table. “We really try to go big in a few focal points,” says Frazier. “In the past, moms and grandmas had knick-knacks on every little table. Every room would have something, but we’re not seeing that as much anymore.” The unique faux-fur stockings belonged to the homeowner. “We want people to have a personal touch in all of their decorations,” Clark says.

The most traditional tree in the home is located in the dining room, and features red and green ornamentation in addition to gold. “The dining room is the most formal space, so it’s a little different,” Frazier says. Every year, the customer hires Panache not just to style the home but also to wrap gifts. “We custom gift-wrap to match each tree,” says Clark. “It creates a unified look if the presents coordinate rather than crazy, different colors under a designer tree.”

This spectacular silver tree is located in an office area. “Traditionally, you just have a Christmas tree in the family room for the family to enjoy,” says Clark. “But as people entertain, they want Christmas throughout the house. We specialize in making the whole house festive rather than just one tree.”

The least ostentatious tree in the home is this one, located in a preteen daughter’s bedroom. “It’s like a white Charlie Brown-looking tree with fewer ornaments,” Clark says. “It was custom-designed to match very simple, light and airy decor.”

This black-and-gold tree in the room of a teenage daughter is far more flamboyant. “Her room’s design is very glam, very Hollywood. There’s already lots of gold in there. It made sense to do more on that tree just because it fit the style of the room and the family,” says Clark.

Often, she and Frazier rely on ribbons – like these black-and-white striped patterns – to set a tree apart. “Big, wide, velvet or luxury-patterned ribbons really make the difference in the styling. It makes it feel full. That’s a designer touch not many people think to add.”

by Jason Boyett

Jason has written more than a dozen books and is the host and creator of “Hey Amarillo”, a local interview podcast. Visit and
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