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Home - Posted April 29, 2017 11:10 a.m.
Photos by Shannon Richardson

Trendy Turquoise

As close as Amarillo is to New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest, turquoise has never really gone out of style. But in recent years, the blue-green color seems to have undergone a renaissance unrelated to the silver jewelry trends of Santa Fe. Drive through the Wolflin and Olsen neighborhoods and count how many front doors are painted a turquoise hue, with matching planters on the porch. The serene color can be found inside the home as well, from kitchen islands and cabinetry to pieces of individual decor. Whether going for a rustic Southwest look or calling to mind seaside tranquility, this color is everywhere. Here are a few of our favorite turquoise-toned home accessories.

Wooden bowl $45, Urban Giraffe

Kada Frames large wooden frame $165, Two Loons Warehouse

Lazo Pacific pillow $72, Pete’s Greenhouse

Galassi clock $49, Pete’s Greenhouse

Tizo Design decorative box $65, Kem’s Bed & Bath

by Jason Boyett

Jason is a journalist, copywriter, ghostwriter, and the author of more than a dozen books. His most recent is “12 World Religions: The Beliefs, Rituals, and Traditions of Humanity's Most Influential Faiths”, published by Zephyros Press. Learn more at
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Trendy Turquoise
A few of our favorite turquoise-toned home accessories.