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20 Questions with … Pat Hickman, Chairman and CEO, Happy State Bank

Pat Hickman, of Happy State Bank, shares his business acumen.


Fresh Perspective: Adrea Pearson, manager/women’s buyer, Raffkind’s Clothiers

Adrea Pearson, manager/women’s buyer for Raffkind’s Clothiers, shares her perspective on beauty and fashion.


The Lexicon of Longing

When we grieve over something or someone, we don’t seem to have a good word that describes a rich kind of sadness, spiritually deep, and maybe even stimulating, that follows after the initial shock of the loss wears off.


Century Plant

This undated photo shows a century plant reaching dramatic bloom during a Texas Panhandle summer, probably during the 1930s or 1940s.


One popcorn, one drink is how much?

There’s a form of legalized robbery that’s occurring all over the country, and certainly in Amarillo. It happens every day – especially on weekends – as well as in the summer and the holiday season.


Equali-Tea Party

Event held on Aug. 16 included tea party games, drinks and food and supports the work of Equality Texas and the Equality Texas Foundation.

“Avenue Q”

Music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx. Book by Jeff Whitty. Enjoy the timeless story of a recent college graduate, Princeton, and his shabby apartment on Avenue Q. Show runs Aug. 14 through 31.


The Slice is Right

Joni Prater of Nordic Galley Bakeri in Amarillo shares a few of her most surprising (and surprisingly good) sandwich recipes.


Cowboy Gelato

After six years, the Anderson family has perfected its “cowboy comfort food” at Cowboy Gelato.